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Mobile Water Treatment Units


  • Aqua-4live ® Water Treatment Units are developed for fast and easy production of drinking water in case of disasters or unpredicted shortages of potable water. Besides, these units can be used to reduce the oxygen demand (BOD and COD levels) in lakes and pools.
  • The mobile unit produces, depending on the size of diaphragmatic cell, 5.000 to 20.000 litres of potable water an hour out of any surface water. Disinfecting of surface water is guaranteed by the inbuilt Aqua-4live® unit that produces anolyte is a powerful disinfectant and kills all kind of micro-organism. As Anolyte is 100% biogradual activated aqueous solution, formation of toxic by  products is avoided.

                                   Aqua-4live® Mobile unit                                       on the trailer

                                   Aqua-4live®M  mobile unit                                         deployed on the   disaster site


Main elements of Aqua-4live®M


               Diesel Generator

1) Control panel with mains power switch 240V/50Hz
2) ORP control unit to check degree of disinfection of incoming water
3) Pressure pump for surface water
4) Input-connector of surface water to
5) Output connector of portable water from
6) Salt container
7) Anolte container
8) Movable rack
9) Industrial painted IP66 enclosure with lock
10) Removable top for easy access inside the unit
11) In-built
Aqua-4live®  unit
12) Pressure reducer
13) Flow controller for pressure pump
14) Manometer to measure input pressure of
Aqua-4live®M unit
15) Washable pre-filter
16) Dosing point of Anolyte
17) Microfilter (01Micron)
18) Dosing pump for Anolyte
19) Water-meter to control dosing pump Anolyte
20) Drain



How does it work?


  • Before disinfecting the surface water is pre-filtered by means of a floating filter and a inside 60m filter to remove dirt and dissolved particles. Both filters can be washed up or if necessary easily replaced.
  • Part of the incoming surface water is sent through the Aqua-4live- M incorporated into  the Reactor that automatically fills up the anolyte container. From that container anolyte is dosed into the surface water at ratio needed for disinfecting (dosing regimes 1 : 800, 1 : 1000). The dosing regime is controlled by ORP-meter to ensure that disinfecting is adequate.


Drinking water on site and on demand 

  • After disinfecting the treated surface water is filtered by a (active-carbon) filter to improve and ensure good taste of the disinfected water.
  • The input water at the Aqua-4live®M is controlled by a input valve, pressure reducer and flow controller. Saturated NaCl solution is automatically dosed in to the input water by a peristaltic pump in order to obtain an accurate saline solution. The salt container, as well as the Anolyte- container are located at the bottom of the Aqua-4live®M unit, to enable manual tapping of Anolyte.

Ready to go wherever clear water is needed

Deployed on the lake side

Purifiing river-water





Three simple, powerful words: compact-convenient-efficient



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